I'm an award-winning journalist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, writing and reporting on the science and politics of climate change. I have a unique background at the nexus of climate science and journalism.


My path to journalism started off in the sciences; I did my undergraduate at Princeton University, where I conducted field research with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and for my senior thesis worked on models of tropical carbon for the NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Later, I pursued my Master's at Oxford University in Environmental Change and Management, where I wrote a thesis about media interpretations of the IPCC's report on 1.5 Degrees of Global Warming. This work was later a runner up for Climate Outreach's climate communications research award. After my Master's, I started a Ph.D. at UCLA, where I was focused on environmental justice and ecological restoration. At UCLA, I was affiliated with the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies and was funded in my first year by the NSF INFEWS traineeship.


Through the INFEWS traineeship, I pursued a summer internship at Grist, where I wrote about climate science and politics. From January to June of 2020, I returned to Grist as a News and Politics Fellow. While at Grist, I developed beats ranging from oil extraction in California to the science of climate tipping points. A multimedia feature package that I pitched as a Grist intern and co-wrote as a fellow was later awarded the 2021 Online News Association's Online Journalism Awards in the climate change category and selected as a finalist in the feature (small newsroom) category. Since leaving Grist, I have been working as a freelance journalist for multiple outlets, including Atmos, Capital and Main, and TIME, and audio producer for PostScript media podcasts, including season 2 of The Big Switch (in collaboration with Columbia University). 

As a journalist, I focus on long-form, narrative storytelling about climate change, environmental justice, ecology, and climate solutions. I believe that good climate journalism not only reveals the structural causes and impacts of climate change, but also points to ways forward: solutions-oriented coverage that is just as complex as the problem itself.  


You can find my CV here and examples of my past work (written and audio) here.