After the winter storm, a Texas mobile home community’s nightmare was far from over, Grist, March 2021

“It was a living nightmare for everybody.”

One of the most polluted counties in America is getting 40,000 more oil wells, Grist, March 2021

“If you choose to approve this ordinance, there is blood on your hands.”

Oil companies want you to think they’re feminist. It’s BS. Grist, Salon, March 2021

While oil companies celebrate milestones of installing women in leadership positions with cutesy tweets, women around the world continue to suffer assault, displacement, and death due to the effects of oil extraction.

‘Solidarity, not charity’: Mutual aid groups are filling gaps in Texas’ crisis response, Grist, February 2021

"Who better to mobilize the community than people who are already in the community?”

Mercury in Our Waters: The 10,000-Year Legacy of California’s Gold Rush, KCET / PBS SoCal, October 2020

“Here we have California, which is thought of as one of the most environmentally forward-thinking states,” said Monohan of the contamination, “yet this is maybe the longest neglected environmental problem in the world. And we’re not even talking about it yet, honestly.” 


The Rumpus Mini-Interview: Marlin M Jenkins, The Rumpus, October 2020

A conversation with Marlin M. Jenkins about his 2020 chapbook Capable Monsters.

LA’s homeless communities are avoiding cooling centers, and it’s not just because of COVID-19 Grist, August 2020

[...] many more could soon find themselves pinned between heat waves, concerns about the virus, and fears of street sweeps as the pandemic and climate change continue.

An oil well right next to your house? The California Senate says that’s OK. Grist, August 2020

“We’re seeing that these senators are serving the interests of the oil and gas industry and not the public” 

6,000 acres of Minneapolis parks have their own police force Grist, July 2020

[...] any conversation about defunding or abolishing the police in Minneapolis would be incomplete without a discussion of the Minneapolis parks system, which maintains its very own force of police officers to patrol more than 6,000 acres of park land within the city — one of whom was present at Floyd’s killing.

Still Doubt Online Harassment Is Real? Read SheRatesDogs Bitch, November 2019

Accounts like hers, which serve as a kind of collective testimony, are a critical tool of resistance for women online. The presence of a watchdog, in its own small way, is flipping the script.

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